Aquamog SRX-109

Aquatic Analysts, Inc. owns and operates an Aquamog SRX-109, a state-of-the-art, self-propelled, multi-purpose aquatic maintenance and restoration vessel.  The Aquamog performs the same tasks (and more) on water, as backhoes and excavators do on land.  It has the ability to maximize on efficacy by its unsurpassed versatility and performance.


  • 8.5-foot wide, 28-foot long barge

  • 1-foot draft in water

  • Propelled by two independent reversible paddlewheels

  • Two stabilizer arms

  • Equipped with food-grade hydraulic oil

  • Excavating arm:

    • 180 degree swing

    • Reach: 18-feet

    • Maximum operating depth: 16-feet

    • Maximum operating height above the waterline: 16-feet

AAI can offer three different services with the Aquamog because of its unique capacity for quick tool exchange.  Click the services below for more information.

  1. Mechanical Hydroraking (Clamshell Rake)

  2. Bucket Dredging (Clamshell Bucket)

  3. Rototilling

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